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The sun, the sphere of fire, slowly edged its way up into the sky, creating a beautiful streak across the sky, a blur of blue, pink red, orange, and yellow. Pastels stretched across a canvas by the Goddesses' brush. The sun gave rays of light fell onto the Kingdom of the Great Sea; covering the ocean with an ambience of warmth. One of these rays fell upon the closed eye of a young man, resting peacefully on a cot in his grandmother's home.
The eye snapped open; revealing an iris; a deep shade of green, dotted with a pitch black pupil centered. His face had a slight tan as a side effect of working in the sun for hours on end. The boy, who was 19 years of age, slowly sat up in his bed and stretched his arms.  He swung his legs over the bedside, and slipped on his shoes; standing up and doing a full body stretch. Walking toward the door; the steps creaking underneath his weight, he opened the door and walked to a well.
He grasped his hand on the handle with one hand; the other hooking the bucket on to the spout. Pumping the handle up and down with a rhythmic pulse, water slowly trickled, and then poured out and into the bucket. When the bucket was perhaps three quarters full, he heaved the bucket and carried it back to his home. He set the bucket on a table, and grabbed a rag. Dunking the rag into the water; he wiped it across his face; quickly awakening his dulled senses.
After fully washing his face, the lad walked out the door again, taking a stroll around the entire island, hoping to take in the amazing view of the sunrise before breakfast. Already a few inhabitants were up and about, some working on the field, weeding, watering, hoeing, planting. Strolling toward the pier; he directed himself toward the lookout; named after his sister, who often went up there to feed the seagulls.
Grasping the ladder rungs, he slowly climbed up, with every few rungs he breathed in the morning air; already humid because they were this far south. Finally reaching the deck, he heaved himself onto the wooden floor. He stood up, and leaned on the guardrail, gazing over a panoramic view of the island, the sea, and surrounding islands.
The sun was now climbing higher and higher into the sky, increasing its intensity; fortunately he was standing under a roof. Each breath filled his lungs with a fresh dose of country air, wafting from the village below. His nose then registered something…different; at the first whiff; he turned toward the south, and saw a plume of smoke elating from somewhere in the ocean.
Puffs of smoke, black as the night that had passed only hours ago, wafted toward the island. He squinted; he saw two ships floating toward the island; one, a small, double mast Pinnace ship; heavily damaged, sailing toward the island, the other, a large Fully Rigged ship, and shooting round after round at the crippled Pinnace. The boy rushed down the ladder; hoping to inform the village of the mounting situation.
"How much more time until we reach Outset?" A blond haired girl, deep tanned, and only 18 years, shouted at one of the crewmen.
"Miss," One of the crewmen answered, "fifteen minutes at the least, which is if we all don't get blown to pieces." Another bone shattering eruption of fire engulfed the stern. The modified pirate ship was no match against a heavily armed battleship, and was one not to be contended with. Their only hope to salvage the ship was to beach it on outset, and hope her friends there could help them drive off the merciless enemy.
"Captain!" A short, stubby, boy ran up to her, "Miss…the hull has been breached, were taking in water, if we don't reach Outset in time were all dead."
"Son of a Moblin." She cursed under her breath, and although the sails had the ship going full speed, the damage the battleship caused, the ship was only inching along. The crew and its doomed ship were less than half a kilometer there. Another explosion, and another, and another shook the ship down to its frame, for the battleship was catching up to them. She suddenly noticed a small, red sailboat speeding toward the ship.
"Link?" She leaned against the guardrail, trying to get a closer look. "No…you're going to get yourself killed there, what a foolish boy, even after all these years."
Link however, had different ideas, his sailboat was small, yet fast, but he wasn't going to take that battle ship out alone. Link sailed his boat; the King of Red Lions; toward the battleship. Quickly evading the sudden barrage of cannon fire he now faced, he still didn't pull out his cannon. Yet still, an explosion engulfed the bow of the battleship, the crew onboard scrambled to find the ship that fired it.
"HA HA! That's why you don't mess with Link and the Great Linebeck!" A man in a blue suit stood on a steamboat, stroking his small beard and mustache. "Come and get me you little miniblins!" He ran under the deck, steering the boat around the battleship.
The diversion was enough for the pirate ship to escape the battleship's pursuit and beach itself at Outset. However, the battleship still showed no sign of retreating, despite Link's and Linebeck's efforts. Link loaded his cannon, and fired at the battleship's hull. An explosion near the waterline exposed a whole, and the battleship started to take on water. Try as the battleship could, it could not land a hit on either the S.S. Linebeck or The King of Red Lions.
The once menacing battleship now started to lean to the starboard, as Link's cannon broke through the hull. Both boats were now shelling the deck with bombs and cannonballs. Moblins and Bokoblins flew from the deck with each hit. Eventually the battleship slipped into the sea, the waves washing over it, mercilessly consuming whatever was left of it.
Link and Linebeck parked their boats at the pier, and rushed over to see if Tetra and her crew were all right. Tetra's pirate ship was lying on its side on the beach; though it could be repairable. The whole crew was over by the beach, and Tetra was checking if everyone was here and accounted for. She then noticed Link.
"You…getting yourself in foolish situations again, aren't you?" Tetra said, though they hadn't seen each other for a few years, she still remembered Link's attitude toward dangerous situations. "Thanks…." Tetra hugged him. Link was surprised, she only hugged him once before, and that was before she left on her expedition.
Link wrapped his arms around her, noticing that she was almost as tall as him, but she still kept her hair style. Tetra on the other hand, was noticing that he was still taller than her, but he was…different…no, she couldn't have that feeling towards him…well not yet.
"You've grown quite a bit while we were gone, weren't you?" Tetra said to Link while she surveyed the damage on the ship. "Well, we need to start repairs now if we want to get back on the seas soon."
"Wait a second there, Miss," Linebeck intervened, "That was a BATTLESHIP! That is bigger than any ship we've ever seen before, and what if there's more? What are we going to do about that! There's a new enemy on the horizon, and we need to find out what that is before it's too late."
"Ok, then, but that's in uncharted waters, we might die trying to find out what that is, we need to take it slow, captain, we first repair this ship and then we plan about what we need to do." Tetra calmly said, still surveying the damage.
"We need to think of something, Tetra, as this is more important than your ship, for The Kingdom of the Great Sea is at stake." Linebeck tried to convey the serious issue at hand.
"Hey, you better watch it mister, 'cause in case you haven't noticed, I am the captain here, so you better follow my orders." Tetra got up to Linebeck's face, spitting out her headstrong grudge. Linebeck started after her, but Link put his hand to his chest, stopping him.
"All right then, get all the able villagers here, were going to need as much help as we can get if we want this ship back on the seas." Linebeck ordered, pointing to a group of boys, who immediately ran off to get assistance. Tetra smiled, she was glad she was still the woman in charge around the place.
"She is one stubborn sea rat, isn't she?" Linebeck whispered in Link's ear, and he nodded in return. "She's so used to commanding her own crew she doesn't know how to take orders." Linebeck said, walking over to the beached ship.
"Hmm….." Linebeck said, looking at what needed to be repaired. "First off, were going to replace this section with new lumber." Pointing at the area where the hull had been breached. "Were need to get the ship upright as soon as possible, or else the ships starboard side will be deformed, and we don't want to do more repairs, don't we? Get us wood, quickly, now quickly!"
Link led a small group of boys into the forest with axes and saws, and began to cut down multiple trees. The rhythmic echoing of their axes meeting wood echoed through the forest, almost as if there were others there too. Soon enough, a tree fell down, and they began to saw away at the limbs, preparing it for it to be cut down at the pier.
A large cart was pulled up by another group of men, and they hauled the log back down to the pier. The boys grunted as they worked, sweat running down their brow. The sun shone through the leaves of the trees still standing, burning their backs as they bent down to work on another log. Link kept count…7 logs; he looked around, twenty more to go Link thought as he set to work to chop down another tree.
Unbeknownst to the hard working group, who were immersed into their work that they didn't notice a water moccasin slithering through the grass. Her tree had been cut down; crushing her eggs, and she was out to avenge for her lost home and eggs. Silently, the snake slithered through the tall grass; her patterns making her almost invisible. She spotted somebody working to trim the branches.
He was working a few meters away from the rest; making him an easy target for her. She felt the venom swell up in her fangs; as she got closer and closer to her target. The left ankle of the young lad was exposed, not covered by a thick boots, jeans, or socks. Slowly she opened her mouth, venom dripping from her fangs, she lunged.
A screech pierced the air. The young man looked down. Standing only a centimeter away were the fangs of a merciless snake, the yellow venom oozing from the fangs. He looked down at the snake's body. An axe split the snake right underneath its head, killing it instantaneously. He looked up the handle of an axe.
Holding the axe was a young man, dressed in green, only could be known as Link himself.
"Thanks Link, I would've been a dead man if it weren't for you…" He said, and Link responded with his 'no problem' look on his face.
Sometime later, Link looked at the sky; the sun was almost setting, and he didn't want his group to be trapped up here for the night, so they loaded up the last cart, and hauled it down to the pier to see how progress was going. The ship was now upright, standing on scaffolding some of the men had constructed. Work had begun on repairing the hull, Tetra's crew nailing in the boards.
"Good work Link and company!" Linebeck walked over to Link's group, "We received more lumber than we need to finish repairs, and so go eat dinner with your grandmother and get a good night's rest; we'll start again tomorrow morning."
Link dismissed his group, and slowly walked home, his arms aching; but he was looking forward to eating his grandmother's favorite soup. He opened the door, and he was overwhelmed by the fragrant smell of herbs and spices. He turned toward the fireplace; it was his grandmother, chopping up onions, cheerfully humming as she cooked up a wonderful soup.
Link hung up his cap on a hook above his bed. He took off his tunic; folding it and laying it on a stand nearby. He sighed; today was a long and exhausting day, a lot had been done; he hoped with the work the ship would be done in week if all went well. Then the door clicked open; a girl; of fourteen years, entered the home.
"How are you doing, big brother?" Aryll said, calling him that title since the days before he defeated Ganon. Link turned her way and gave her an 'I'm feeling fine' look.
"I was busy helping out Sue-Belle with preparing dinner for the workers." Link's sister told him about what she did earlier, "Those big guys are really fast eaters, let me tell ya!"
"If you wondering where Tetra and her crew will sleep tonight….." Aryll gave Link her inquisitive look, which Link shot back an irritated one. "She'll be sleeping at Orca's and Sturgeon's tonight, until we get the waterborne again."
"Ah…it's finally ready!" Link's grandmother said, bringing over two bowls of piping hot elixir soup. "You're most likely hungry from that long days work up at the Fairy's forest aren't you?"
Link quickly ate the elixir soup, feeling stuffed, and revitalized. He suddenly noticed how sleepy he was, and got into bed, ready to rest after a long day's work.
"How long do you think it'll take miss?" Gonzo asked as he lay down on his cot; looking up at the ceiling stretching his arms out.
"Oh; a week perhaps; at this rate, give or take a few days." Tetra said, unfolding her blanket, "We were lucky to sustain only one puncture in the hull, you know, we should be back on the seas in no time…"
"What about Link?" Senza said, walking in. "We could always use some extra hands aboard the ship. He's battle trained and all that, why not?"
"Why do we need an extra mouth to feed? I don't know, besides, you already do a pretty good job of keeping the ship in shape." Tetra replied, sitting on the edge of her bed, thinking back to when she let Link stowaway aboard during their first adventure.
"It'll be worth it," Senza said, walking over to his bed, "Perhaps he could…."
"Oh, don't you even think about it…" Tetra said, now remembering how many times she and her crew had gone over the subject, "He's reckless, foolish, and he can't talk, which is kind of stupid if you ask me."
"Silence is the way to true knowledge, as the Hero of Time once wrote…." Senza said, how lying in bed, "I think he has a point…."
"Oh well…he might be ok by my standards, but he'd never make it up there." Tetra said, trying to put down any suggestion of a relationship between her and Link, but it was futile, the more she denied, the more the crew pressured. It was a hopeless cause.
Link was dreaming. He saw bubbles swirling around him; he was sinking deep down into the ocean. He looked up, a distorted white light of the moon shone down, giving some visibility; but he went deeper, and deeper. Eventually he saw what used to be a trench, perhaps a river that used to flow through the forgotten land of Hyrule. He travelled up the river, at a quick pace. He soon reached a large barrier, an ugly shade of black and red, but without stopping, he traveled through the barrier painlessly.
Arriving at a waterfall frozen in time, he passed through that as well arriving at a throne room, pillars of rock decorating the walls. There was a figure in the center, the humanoid, a female, had….fins....coming from her elbows, a "tail" that came from the back of the head, a slender body made for swimming, and large, webbed feet. He body was camouflaged, almost matching her surroundings.
"Link….is that you….." A voice elated from the mouth of the creature, "Of course you are not the Hero of Time…for he is long past…but I send this message to you…but I have not much time. You see, when Ganondorf rose to power again, he trapped the Zora under the sea, a barrier stops us from leaving this underwater prison. A guardian protects the generator of this barrier, but only a weapon of the Goddesses can destroy him and the generator. You must see the….Great…Deku…Tree…for…for…or….o." Her voice grew fainter and fainter, Link couldn't comprehend what she was saying anymore, then the throne room collapsed, rocks fell everywhere, he heard the screech of a beast, more frightening than any he had fought before, and all went black.
A short story following some years after the events of the Phantom Hourglass. I want to note that I'm one of the few people who actually make Link mute in Fanfic.....
Sorry about the length....

The Legend of Zelda Nintendo
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