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Prologue: Ashes

The place was dark, yet beautiful, glowing a dark aurora that was peaceful yet hinted at an evil awakening. It was as if a neglected child had designed the world, a deathly dust raining down from the sky, settling on the barren trees, swaying at the slightest whisper of the wind. This was the North, further than Eldin Volcano, vaster than Lanayru Desert, and as dense as Faron Woods. The Gods of millennia old had deserted this place, having overrun with savage animals, beasts, monsters.

Chaos had been in reign here ever since the sealing of the Demon King, Demise. Oftentimes years would pass in these dead woods before a scamper of a mouse would ever so disturb the silence that had its grip here. One could wander these woods, thinking they'd walked in circles but in all actuality, they weren't.  A sun would not peak for days at a time, and if it did it the thunderous clouds overhead would wash it out.

Today, however, was different, even the most ignorant could feel the change in the air, it seemed so...different. As if the old earth had reawakened, giving salvation to what life had survived the millennia of suffering and death. However this change wasn't for the good, it never was. The trembling, felt by the nerves of a keen one and seen of the trees, had grown, but only so much.

Suddenly the earth shook open, a tear mercilessly torn across the landscape, and three bolts of darkness erupted out of the abyss swirling into the sky, ravenously embracing the dead world. Frightening screams and laughs that would instill fear even in the most steel minded person echoed across the plains. Then the capsules of evil dispersed revealing their true form, their dragon form.

One, the far right, was cloaked in purple, his body ebbing with the cries, moans, and howls of death. Its wings were pulsating with the evil curse of a thousand witches, sages, and ghouls. Despite those features he had a more gentleman manner.

"Those who support the reign and tyranny of Demise, show yourselves before me now!" He thundered, and two others materialized before him, one was a composition of almost pure ice, her frozen gaze staring daggers into their newly proclaimed leader. Another, this one had an earthly statue, his face weathered, and chipped, as if it were cut out of a slab of stone.

"What do you want from us now? Our master is dead, and his servant is too, all is lost, Erebus. There is nothing we can do about that." As she spoke her frozen breath frosted the ground before her.

"Right," The other pounded his fist down, sending massive quakes around, "Why have you called to us? We are weak, we are lost, and we will die!;"

"No we will not." Erebus interjected, "The power that has destroyed him will bring him back, Isolde and Arod."

"Impossible!" Isoldia hissed, her icy eyebrows clinked together, "If he has defeated Demise single handedly, he certainly will bring the downfall of us all!"

"FOOLS!" A commanding voice came from the depths of the chasm, "I will lend you my powers, the Dusk Dragons three, as I am the fourth, Sedah, ruler of the underworld, as we were incarnated to oppose the dragons Her Grace had commissioned."

"Go now, find the Triforce, destroy whatever opposes you, and every living being on the face of the world will learn to fear your names!"
The Prologue to my new Fanfiction, taking place post Skyward Sword.

Please post your comments below, I am willing to take any suggestions or advice!

I do not own The Legend of Zelda, its subsidiaries, or affiliates.

Next Chapter: [link]
The4residentsofevil Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012
I like sound of this...must read more @_@
TheLegendofLuigi Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Then click on chapter one.....
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